Alloa Water Supply, Ontario, Brampton

Water Supply Service
Using only stainless steel tanks filled with local water, you will have the peace of mind in knowing we are providing you with the cleanest water possible.

Alloa Water Supply also provides on-site services for commercial requirements.
Bulk Drinking Water Supply
For those bigger jobs, we have five trucks to serve you with a capacity of 3500 gallons per truck.
Skating Rinks
Water isn’t just for drinking! Let us help you enjoy some winter fun by filling in a skating rink.
Alloa Water Supply, Ontario, Brampton

Portable Tank Renting
We also offer Portable Water Tank Rentals which consist of the following sizes - 425, 550, 1000, 1500 gallon and can be rented daily, weekly or monthly. Give us a call to schedule.
Wells, Cisterns & Water Tanks
Alloa Water Supply provides drinking water for customers who have wells and cisterns that need filling.

Our water is clean, safe and ONLY comes from our drinking water systems in compliant with the Department of Health and Environment regulations, which means ALL water comes from municipal systems at a temperature of approximately 54 degrees.
Alloa Water Supply, Ontario, Brampton

Pools & Hot Tubs
Alloa Water Supply provides its customers with crystal clear water in a truck consisting of approximately 3500 gallons.

We provide you with partial loads for the top up of pools, as well as full loads depending on your specific needs.
Our prices are based on where you live, as well as consumption and service needed.

Please contact us via phone or e-mail with any questions and or requests.
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